Ficus Tree

Ficus TreeThe houseplant commonly known as a Ficus Tree (Ficus benjamina) is one of the few true trees that can be grown indoors and a member of the Fig family. Native to tropical areas of Asia, in its natural habitat, this species of ficus can grow upwards of 90 feet tall. Indoors though the tree is much smaller and an excellent pick for an indoor tree. The Ficus tree is fairly hardy and can do well in lower light environments and maintain health with irregular watering.

As one of the few trees that can be grown indoors, the Ficus Tree has long been popular as an interior plant. The Ficus Tree is fairly easy to care for. It prefers bright sunlight, but can also acclimate to full shade light conditions. The Ficus Tree likes to stay well watered, but is resistant to damage from less than regular watering. If you are looking for a house plant that will grow well indoors, requires minimal care, and is nice to look at, think about a Ficus Tree to liven up your indoor area. Continue reading

Peace Lily

Peace Lily FloweringA common flowering indoor plant, the Peace Lily is the common name name for Spathiphyllum, a collection of about 40 species in the Araceae family. A tropical herbaceous evergreen perennial plant, the Peace Lily has large leaves and produces a spadix and spathe flower. Peace Lilies are popular because the will easily flower indoors and require little in the way of sunlight, water, and care. Additionally, Peace Lily does an excellent job at improving indoor air quality.

Known for its versatility, durability, air cleaning capabilities, and eye pleasing aspects, a Peace Lily in a room can add a nice splash of dark green from the broad foliage, and then the extra bonus of producing a pleasing cream, white, or yellow colored flowers. A Peace Lily is a very easy to care for house plant that likes to be in low light environments, and does well with irregular watering. Continue reading