Variegated PothosPothos (Epipremnum aureum) is an evergreen climbing vine native to tropical areas of Asia. Pothos is commonly found as a house plant due to its distinct look, bright gloss leaves, and ability to do well indoors.

Pothos is a sturdy plant that can tolerate little attention. Put a Pothos in a room with some sun light, a standard indoor room temperature, and some water, and the plant will do nicely. Outdoors a Pothos can grow and climb up to 60 feet high grabbing onto trees as it reaches for the light. Indoors it is more tame growing upwards of 6 feet if properly supported.

Pothos is a vine like plant that sprouts heart shaped leaves of a glossy vibrant green. The leaves are often variegated with distinct patterns ranging from light green, to yellow, to white. An indoor mature Pothos can grow leaves that are 10 inches long and 7 inches wide. Continue reading

Aloe Vera

Medicianl Aloe VeraAloe Vera (Aloe Vera) is a flowering succulent that is know around the world for its medicinal uses. Aloe Vera isĀ  popular as a house plant, though it can be a little bit more difficult to grow indoors than some other house plants. Aloe Vera is a considered a true aloe for the soothing gel that is the Aloe Vera flesh. Great for soothing sunburns and scrapes!

Aloe Vera needs bright sun light that is indirect and arid conditions to do well indoors. The climate requirements for successful Aloe Vera growing indoors is a bit more strict than some other house plants and can be somewhat of a particular plant for novice indoor gardeners if you don’t know the Aloe Vera’s requirements for good health. Continue reading